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Smelter's Wrath request

Could you make it such that you can rotate Smelter’s Wrath while channelling (like all the other channelling damage skills)? At the moment, if there are any mobs that leap at you, they usually land behind you…

Edit: and maybe make it store the damage you take while charging to be added as damage when you release it?

its has all the downsides that make disintegrate bad but in addition you cant rotate with it like you can disintegrate.
You’re reliant on monsters staying in the cone or cones if you’ve taken backdraft and the problem is they dont.
with not being able to move at all its very restrictive and easily avoided whilst making you a sitting target against anything ranged that may be just out of range

if they add rotation two of the node will become useless ( the one to mirror the cone behind you and the one that does 360 aoe around you )

Not entirely, since the skill automatically ends after 2s & if there are mobs on all sides of you (or infront & behind) then you wouldn’t be able to hit them all, just the ones in the cone. What making it rotateable would do is allow you to still hit a mobile mob.

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