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Skullens also make game crash when they use "roll"

Already reported “Frostmaws” making your game collapse. Again, this didnt happen before 7.8 on higher arenas and higher density.

As soon as you get this mobs in arean 200+ game crashes.

Skullens make game crash

Thanks again for looking into this!


I’ve also seen big lag spikes with regular skullen mobs, here’s one example:

There’s also similar thread here:

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yeah even when they roll off screen or engage in combat, PC explodes

I was actually watching his stream when this happened this seems to be a problem with the enemy code specifically in the arena. This does not happen in the story mode

Yup, that would be this bug report.

As I mentioned in LizardIRL’s other thread, we’ll look into this. If you’re aware of any other enemy types that cause a similar problem please let us know. Just the name is fine, a video isn’t strictly necessary.


I believe the reason why it’s more prevalent in the Arena is just due to the increased density of enemies, rather than the Arena itself causing the issue.