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Skills & Passives: Preview Upgrade Stats

It would be nice to have a preview of the stats on the Skill and Passives you want to upgrade with a tool tip.

For Example

Defiance at 1/8 you get +1 Atonement and 3% Increased Elemental Protection

When upgraded to Defiance 2/8 you get +2 Atonement and 6% Increased Elemental Protection.

It would be helpful to know what the upgrade is going to be before selecting it because it it’s not what you are expecting you have to respec.

Yes to this!

good idea, + 1.

Are there any examples where the increase isn’t linear? e.g. from 1 point to 2 point just doubles any blue “variable” text.

I can’t think of any, but mental arithmetic can be hard sometimes (and I’m being honest there, mine is ****ed from decades of either using a calculator at school & Excel at work).

A visual indicator for your change is always better then none. Sometimes I change stuff arround and I’m so sure I thought of everything but my dmg is lower in the end because I missread something or overlooked another thing untill I#m realy awake again ^^.

Sure in the end it’s most likely a user error but then again visualisation will help a big deal.

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