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Skill Tree Look up

So I was thinking that since we are able to look at skills we have unlocked and see what the different augments we are able to get and mess around with I think it would be nice if we were able to look at the skills that aren’t yet unlocked from the passives tree. Being able to click on them and see what kind of augments we are able to get from them would help all players to make a decision on what path they would like to aim for if they can start to plan out their builds without having to spend points in something to find out the skill is not what they want and then have to respec and go another route, ESPECIALLY since the mastery class choice is locked in. Now another way to do this is from just the base skill window “S key” and have all the skills listed there, but they are categorized by the base class and each mastery following. and still show locked until you get it but are able to click on it like you can now with the base class skills.


It isn’t hard to respecc. You get skill XP that fast later on so you can always change your setup without any big or long term problems.

Thank you for the suggestion!

We would like to offer this functionality; it’s just something we haven’t gotten around to just yet.


Unless you’re curious to have a look at the skill tree for the mastery skill for the masteries before you master one of them. For example, you get your sentinel to the mastery quest & before making a choice you want to have a look at the mastery skills for Paladin, Void Knight & the other one. Or, you wonder whether a skill from a different mastery could be useful for your build, do you suggest respeccing your current passive points in order to get enough points to unlock the skill you want to have a look at? What if that would entail de-specialising a lvl 20 skill that you’re currently using? Would that be reasonable?

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