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Skill tooltips and base damage

Ive played LE for a week now, I have a 56 Decay Acolyte, 67 VK / 64 Paladin / 57 Beastmaster / 26 Mage. Ive crafted full Glancing Blow gear on ‘best’ bases for Void Knight and other T5 weps and beaten 105 Arena but I dont actually know how certain skills actually scale namely Holy Aura and Throwing skills and I dont even know if active levels of the skill help to increase the damage

Holy Aura says its a spell/buff but it does Fire damage, assumable its scaled by spell damage but Attunement does nothing, it also seems to have much higher base crit chance than 5 but dont actually know if passive spell crit nodes help

Also attack speed increase doesnt seem to do anything to Warpath’s hit rate (which I use to proc holy aura) im using 25% from Aura, 29% Weapon, 11% glove.
Im trying to work out if a Scepter or a Wand is better. Ok I just checked and Holy Aura doesnt even add attack speed unless I activate it which is pretty annoying since the tooltip states active bonus is 100% if used but my A/S goes from 88% with/out Holy Aura equipped and to 124% with buff on - so I should be hitting 4 times a second

Similar with throwing damage and also leading into passive skills "adds ‘x’ damage to throws’ is is impossible to know how effective it is

Any idea when skill tooltips will be in?


Afaiu the only damage Holy Aura does by itself is done by the skill nodes in the upper-right branch. The Ignite chance and the Flame Burst (fire AoE hit triggering on every 6th melee hit, which should be a spell, but needs testing to be sure).

So which is it, “doesn’t seem to do anything” or “25% from aura”?

Hmm, I didn’t play Sentinel much in 0.7.2, but in 0.7.1b it was as follows: no bonus if you don’t have Aura equipped, 100% bonus if you have it equipped, 200% if you have it activated (which costs 30 mana and has 4 sec duration and 10 sec cooldown). The “stats bonus” includes attack speed bonus, so it’s 25% while equipped (if you have the attack speed node maxed), plus extra 25% when activated. If it works differently for you, feel free/obliged to report a bug.

From my testing, base damage for Hammer Throw is 15 physical, so added damage from the Void Knight Passives is quite effective.

Base damage does not scale with skill levels. The only way to scale damage with skill levels is to take nodes in the skill tree, that add/increase/multiply damage.

Main aim of this post was to ask about skill tooltips so I can understand the game easier. you mention Throwing is 15 where is this info?

In relation to Holy Aura…it works like this for me:

Whether the skill is on the skill bar or not my attack speed does not change, when I use the skill my attack speed goes from 88>123 or something

In relation to the 25% attack speed node plus any other increases such as a 29% attack speed sceptre does NOT seem to increase my proc rate of Warpath that I can actually see.

It seems based on a skills pathetically low damage (15 throwing damage?) then getting 100% increased additive damage isn’t going to do much at all, may as well stack + damage on everything.

Ive also noticed some odd snapshotting inconsistencies with skills - such as equipping a Prophecy Wand did not increase my damage until I switched zones or unequipped/requipped Holy Aura. I was doing 3k but then switched to a Prophecy Wand…but my damage didn’t immediately increase until about 10 minutes later I started seeing 5k crits

This happens with Aura of Decay, the skill snapshots the damage so if you increase the hit rate, it wont apply until you re-apply AoD. This is also why the game auto resummons a minion when you change their specialization as it ‘forces’ a respawn

Empirical knowledge. Created new character, observed damage dealt, assuming most monsters in starting locations don’t have resistances/vulnerabilities to physical throwing damage.

In my build, throw damage scales like this:

  • added: 15 physical (Hammer Throw base) + 16 void (Void Knight Passive)
  • increased: ~700% (105% from Hammer Throw, 40% from Devouring Orb, ~500% from gear, ~60% from attributes)
  • more: 100% (Hammer Throw)

this gives (15+16)*(1+7)*(1+1) = ~500 average white damage per hit, and then you have criticals, “more damage taken by enemies”, etc.

Damage scaling is broken in this game vs mob hp

I just made a Shaman last night - got to Avalanche doing 250-300 a hit, few levels later and its doing 3k crits at lvl 45, I tried taking my Wand on/off and theres no change in damage

Damage Tooltip on skill would be wonderful .

your wand would only affect damage if it has substantial “increased base spell damage” mod.
spell damage works like this:

(spell base damage * (100% + increased base spell damage%) + added spell damage) * increased damage * more damage.

if your increased “base spell damage” mod is low or you have a lot of added damage, you might not notice the difference.

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