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Skill Quality of Life Improvements

We’re revamping the Skills window to implement a range of quality of life improvements!

Fury Leap has the Lightning Damage icon active as we’ve taken the Lagon’s Wrath node.


Skill Unlocks

The improved Skills window will list all skills available to your base class and each of its mastery classes. Skills not yet unlocked will show how they are unlocked for convenience - so you know if you need to reach character level 30, or spend more points in Druid passives.


Previewing Trees

We’ve performed significant code refactoring so that skills unlocked by spending points in class passives can have their specialization trees viewed prior to being unlocked.


Damage Types

Additionally, icons beneath each skill are shown to represent damage types. Active damage types will be displayed in color while other available damage types will be grayed out.


Looks great!

Cool ! Always nice to get new QoL at every patch :wink:

Nice change :slight_smile:

Love this!


Love the communication, looks great!

Sexy, definetly sexy.

Clear, clean, understandable, what else to say !

Considering the recent posts, I guess we can expect the next patch to be mainly focused on QoL and improvement of clarity of some menus.

Ooo. New shinies. Me like. A great qol adjustment thank you!

I think the lightning bolt should be yellow :slight_smile:

I love the design of it

Ooooo I like this!

This is AWESOME.

Very nice!

Slightly related, but would it be possible to have ways to convert the damage on skills to other types where they don’t currently exist? I’m mainly thinking of Warpath which has no way to convert it’s damage despite the masteries being focussed on void and fire. If we could get some more small idol (2-3 slot idols) affixes to convert them to the other commonly supported elements (ie, elements currently supported by the masteries) that would be awesome. I’m sure your art team could knock out the required gfx changes in a few minutes…

@Dobster #totes-no-qol-here:wink:


Really great QoL changes! :slight_smile:

Awesome changes! Really liking the direction you’re going with these QOL changes.

Sounds like pretty nice QoL :slight_smile:

I have great faith that EHG can take this game far.
Keep up the good work and thanks for your game!

This is a very welcome improvement. Overall looks great, I like how organized it is now.

This is looking great, looking forward to it.

Stop it you git! :grin:
You could argue that this is improving something that is already there though and not making something completely new :wink:

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