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Skill points reset after restarting game

I’ve experienced this bug a few times (not sure if it’s consistent) where I would choose a new skill to specialise in, then when restarting the game, the points in that skill have been reset (all the points spent in that skill have been refunded).

It seems to only happen to the most recent skill chosen for specialisation after the game is closed then opened again.

Happens across different classes.

Anyone else seen this happen?

I hope this hasn’t been reported already, I couldn’t find this issue in the reported bugs section.

Which skills does this happen to?

Whichever skill was last selected to specialise in.

E.g. If I choose the Focus skill as a specialisation (i.e. select the skill at the top so that I can put points into it’s tree), add one or multiple points, then the next time I open the game, the points in that skills skill tree will have been reset/refunded. I’ll still have the points to spend (skill is the same level). It seems to only happen the first time a skill is selected per specialisation slot. So if I then switch Focus to another skill and add points, they won’t be reset when I restart the game.

This actually just happened again on my Acolyte:

In the above instance I had gotten to level 8 and exited the game. I just started up the game today and the points are reset.

For further testing, I just levelled up to 9 to get my next skill specialisation slot unlocked, added 1 point, exited the game again and then opened it again and the the point was still there! So I’m either wrong about it resetting after restarting the game or it’s just inconsistent or maybe it only happens when I restart my PC as well.

When I can, I’ll wait till I get my next skill specialisation slot unlocked, add a point then restart my PC to see if it happens again.

So I created another character, got to level 4 and unlocked my first skill specialisation slot, added a point then restarted my PC. The points were not reset. Still not sure what’s causing the issue.

I have the same problem. After despecializing and leveling a new skill that skill is resetted after a game restart. All skill points are refunded and you can spend them again.

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Update: I’ve just had a skill reset again but this time it was not my most recently specialised skill.

Hi everyone,

We’ve heard occasional reports of this bug, but I believe we haven’t been able to reproduce it consistently enough to find the root cause.

If it happens again, your log file and some additional info would be handy. Was the skill that reset the last one you specialized in? Was it the last one you put a point in? Did you level up (character level) after investing a point? Have you refunded any points? Etc.


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This is fairly common issue, so I created a new character to reproduce it. Here’s what specializations I did:

  • lvl4: specialize Summon Wolf
  • lvl9: specialize Swipe
  • lvl10: leave game, log back in. No skill points reset
  • lvl11: despecialize Summon Wolf, specialize Summon Sabretooth
  • lvl19: specialize Maelstrom
  • lvl20: leave game, log back in. Maelstrom skill points reset

Note: at lvl10 and lvl20 I did not close the client (Exit Last Epoch), I just logged out (Leave Game option).


Log file:
output_log.txt (423.0 KB)

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I just had this issue except all of my skill reset. I logged of after returning to The Council Chambers. After logging in I noticed all of my specialized skills had pulled all of their points out. I am using Win 10. output_log.txt (32.3 KB)
Last Epoch skill (2.5 MB)

I just restarted my game and had this occur.

It was not on my newest spec. I have not refunded any points. I’ve leveled up during the previous game session. It was in the slot where I despecialized a skill.

Imgur (3.5 KB)

Same problem here. Each time after login all skill points are reset.

output_log.txt (30.8 KB)

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