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Skill Plaques (Supplemental Skill Respec fix)

Wrong Post.
But yes, A closed system, where playing end-game requires you to spend money (such as creating arena / monolith portals / etc), as well as having fail-safes.

I like the idea of points 1+2. Making imprints to use later sounds cool.

But I don’t like the idea of selling these imprints. This is like pay to win.

How is paying with in-game currency acquired through play ‘pay to win’ ?

This is assuming that The Bazaar is the only means of transferring items between players (other accounts) and that it runs entirely on in-game gold.

you wrote $ in your first post. Sorry if I misinterpret this.

But even with ingame currency you “buy” progression instead of earning it. You already are able to buy gear. Buying character progression isn’t something I’d like to see in LE. Sorry.


I still don’t understand your point. If you have accumulated the gold through play, and want to change out a level 20 skill for a different one on an appropriate level character, why would you be against someone spending X gold to change skills?

If you’re level 100 and want to swap two level 20 skills skill and it costs you 250K, what’s the issue / how is that “pay to win” ?

I don’t mind the idea of being able to swap into an already leveled skill. I don’t like the idea of it being a commodity. I would rather all skills on a character retain their level even after taking them off. It could just cost an amount of money per skill level to re-equip it. The player could choose to equip whichever level of the skill they like as long as they have leveled it to that point manually at some point. Obviously a level 1 skill would still cost nothing to equip.

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This is not what I am referring to. In your very first post you suggest to make these things sellable via bazar.

I don’t like that people can sell their skill progression on the bazar.

Also changing points of your original post after I commend on it is… :confused:

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The Bazaar in Last Epoch would work the same as WOW auction house. there’s no RMT involved in the Bazaar… again, not sure your point.

I edited the “$” sign to say ‘in-game currency’ because that’s what the entirety of the post is referring to, for clarity sake. As you pointed out, some might confuse $ to mean USD.

Ooof… this is really not easy:

First I misanderstood your statement because of the $. I thought you suggested you want real money transactions. After you answered I posted this:

I dont know hat to say any further… Maybe if you read my posts in the correct order?

When people refer to ‘Pay to win’ or ‘buying progression’ is it insinuated that you mean using Real world money to pay for in-game items/currency/progression.

Nothing in my suggestions has anything to do w/ that.

All of the skill plaque suggestions I’m making are based on spending in-game currency (gold) you’ve already played to acquire…

If, for example, a level 20 skill plaque has character lvl ~60 requirement, you’ve obviously already committed the time to playing the game and leveling that character.

So again, I stress, I don’t understand what you mean buy ‘using in-game currency to buy progression’. Isn’t the point of getting gold to buy things for your character(s)?

You could also buy xp boosters for ingame currency. The fact that you earn gold doesn’t mean everything in this game should be obtainable by buying it.

My personal opinion on your suggestion is: I like the imprinting part so “save” progression you made on a skill for later use on your character. I don’t like the part where you suggest to make these imprints tradable.

Why is that so hard to get? That’s just my opinion.

I don’t understand what you mean when you say:

You could also buy xp boosters for ingame currency. The fact that you earn gold doesn’t mean everything in this game should be obtainable by buying it.

The English / grammar is a little broken, so I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what scenario you are trying to depict…
What “XP boosters” are there?
How would someone “buy one with in game currency” if you can’t trade gold directly to people?

Are you saying that “because it would otherwise take gaining XP on a character to level a skill plaque to the same level”, that you considering buying one an “XP boost” ?
If so, leveled POE skill gems are able to be sold / traded, and it seems to have worked fine…

Either way, the bottom line is:

  1. skills, especially at end game, need some way to be able to be added into a build at higher than level 7 (preferable level 20 skill), and this makes a system that does that.

  2. At the same time it creates a large gold sink, something this game will need MANY of, if they decide to stay with a GAL (Gold as Loot) system.