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Skill idea - Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton

Sacrifice 50%~ HP to reveal a Giant Skeleton out of your body. This could be physical head/arms/torso or just a large hand(s) with a weapon. This minion would be immune to damage but if you CCed it is also CCed (it’s a part of your body). Minion last for 3 seconds when summoned, you cannot move, NOT A CHANNEL by default. Damage would be based on what % value of health sacrificed.

Since this build is based on sacrificing HP you wouldn’t be able to be low life because the minion would be weak when hitting/bad damage scaling. I foresee it more functioning on high life/regen builds or mix of hp/ward.

Interesting node opportunities:

  1. Decrease amount of health cost

  2. Blood pool at your feet after it’s summoned

    • increase health regen if you remain standing on it

    • summon health orbs for minions

    • Allows you to move when summoning

  1. CC minion immunity (if you are stunned it won’t be)

  2. Convert 50% chunk of HP into a health drain (this could be a group of nodes)

  3. Give the skeleton weapon:

    • Mace :Phys damage

      • increases stun duration/stun chance per Vit
    • Staff increases range necrotic damage

      • three projectiles cost 50% ward on activation
  4. Passive buff: 5% chance to activate Infernal Shade on a random minion on activation

  5. Stacking buff of more damage per enemy hit

    • More health offered -> MORE damage the cleave does
  6. Change this to channel ability

    • Your body goes into ghost form when summoned increasing your chance to dodge by 5 to 15% the longer you channel.

    • Haste after kill

    • Allows Giant Skeleton to hit skeleton warriors which makes them corpse explode in 3 seconds.

      • 10% chance to resummon skeleton
  7. Remove Minion scaling : Giant Skeleton now uses Harvest (scales with your melee damage)