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Skeleton Mage > Sacrifice

It seems the Skeleton mage with the node that makes them cast sacrifice (Underlings) doesn’t make them use the sacrifice tree allocated passives, the tooltip should state this; same for any other cast trigger passive.

Also tested the Bone golem node (Blood Golem) that casts rip blood and its not affected by rip blood passives, tested taking the converted healing to ward and still gave life.

Thanks for the post!

To clarify the behaviour here, it is intended that when you trigger a skill, your tree is utilized. We are working to make this clear where it shouldn’t happen, i.e. by renaming skills.

The same isn’t true of your minions using abilities; they don’t have your specialization trees. They are considered allies of you, but they do not count as being you. To offer an example of this, equipping a weapon with the Health on Melee Hit affix will not cause your minions to heal you (or themselves). This is the same logic - they do not have it equipped.

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