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Sirris's Number 1 Hardcore waves Armageddon Sorcerer Build



Currently number 1 on hc waves ladder at wave 706, level 91. Still alive. The video has gameplay from waves 500 to 510.

This video showcases my Hardcore Crit Sorcerer build focusing on the Armageddon node on the Blackhole tree and comboing that with Mana Tunnel (the “next cast is free” node) on the teleport tree. This bypasses the huge mana cost of Armageddon. For supplemental damage I use glacier with the 80% reduced mana cost node because this build does not use mana strike or focus. Haven’t had any mana issues though. Meteor is also an option but I felt glacier was probably a better choice for mana control.

Enjoy:) Feel free to ask questions in this thread.


Just hit number 1 hc waves ladder but i guess people dont really care about builds that much at this point in the ladder:P


I’m more intrested in the builds of classes that are not working better as intended :). Only from the skills you metioned I can tell you’r build is valid. There’s not much to add but gratz for the first place.


Like what? The builds you might be interested in. I’ve made plenty of them:P Im pushing high Beastmaster summoning waves after this. Have a really promising one leveled to just before arena, wanted to gear up first. I will say though that attunement shamans are just terrible right now, or anything that uses attunement for that matter. Abadoned mine at around level 40 or so. Even after trying a few different things. You really can make an effective build around most skills. There’s definitely a good angle for every class. Except attunement shaman as I mentioned:P
Also thank you:)


I play an attunment Druid and this leads to Swipe spamm because everything else is a dmg loss. Sure fine make it a LL tank and make it crit based and an ape can play this. I think totem builds are on the weaker side of things right now. everything else abour Primalists is bareable. Knights work fine and many skills feels overtuned compared to other classes. Mages do fine but feel as well overtuned. No idea about the smelly ones. Right now I simply wait for balance attempts from the devs because balance is all over the place.


I feel like this build is even stronger relative to other sorcerer builds this patch because it doesnt rely much on ward generation.


even with my Shart gear i am still seeing how well this build works… much props and in Multi player with a good buff class this build will be stupid powerful


I’m really loving this build. Taking the reduced mana cost node right away let me use Glacier for all of my leveling needs and never had any problems (for any other noobs reading this, the skill order I would recommend is 1) Lesser Glacier -> 2) Chilling Force -> 3) Moderate Destruction -> 4 & 5) Moderate Vortex -> 6) Frost Grip -> 7 & 8) Resplendent Frost -> 9) Static Collapse). I would highly advise using this build and guide for a fresh account, it will get you through the campaign and let you farm the endgame pretty easily.

Haven’t had much trouble farming monoliths or the arena; level 61 right now and just trying to get high enough to unlock the top tier item drops. Thanks a lot for the guide, hope to see more from you!

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