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Silly Spriggan Aura question

So the tooltip on the skill icon says Spriggan has an aura that restores 10 health every second. If you open the skill tree, the central node says it has an aura that grants 50% increased health regen.

Unfortunately the health regen number on my character sheet stays the same whether or not a spriggan is summoned and whether or not it’s active ability is active. Difficult to test how much the spriggan heals since any situation I get in that I take damage but don’t die it kills the damage source :stuck_out_tongue:

Two questions: which of these numbers is true, and is the aura the same as the active ability? I think of an aura as an always on ability and think of the spriggan’s active heal as an AoE healing spell.

I think the aura is the active spell, but it’s worded badly. That’s why you don’t see your health regen change, as it’s active healing, and the 50% node increases that amount.

PS: It’s easier to test with Companions like wolf, when you don’t give them life leech they have enough health to see how fast they regenerate.

My understanding is that the spriggan does have a passive aura that heals and also has the active heal over time. The aura doesn’t grant % increased health regen or 10 flat health regen, which is why it isn’t shown in your character sheet. Instead, it seems like the aura instantly heals for 10 HP every second. I think it can be scaled by increasing your minion’s healing effectiveness stat through the Druid passives Blossoming Vines and Vital Boon.

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