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Sigils of Hope

I was having a bit of a play with Sigils of Hope trying to see what it would be like as a dps skill & it didn’t feel great but I think there are a few things that could be changed to improve it quite a bit as a DPS skill & general QoL changes.

It would be really nice if when you cast Sigil it refreshed the duration of all of the stacks. The duration would probably need to be reduced significantly to compensate, but if the duration were reduced by a factor of 2-3 (from 15s to somewhere between 5-10s) that would make it a lot easier to keep all the stacks up (especially if you then take the duration increasing nodes which I think most people do).

Unwavering Faith’s threshold reduction node doesn’t seem to be working.

It would be nice if it required fewer nodes to get to the Void Conversion node (Sigils of Despair).

It doesn’t have any attribute tags when you take the damage node, this isn’t a problem if you don’t take it, but is a significant one if you do.

Possibly change Last Wish (6% chance to summon a Sigil on kill) with a node that converts the skill into an aura with a mana drain equal to the average mana per second required to keep up the max number of Sigils. This would disable the Divine Flare node.

Wave of Light (+1 additional chain per point) doesn’t appear to work.

Now, on to the DPS side of things.

The current functionality for Divine Flare is that you cast Sigils once to get your single Sigil, then you cast it again to detonate it. This feels a bit clunky (it effectively halves your cast speed since you have to cast it twice per instance of damage) but most importantly it costs a lot. The base cost of Sigils of Hope is 35, 32 if you have a staff/sceptre & you have to cast it twice to get any damage, that’s 64 - 70 mana per hit of damage. Meteor costs 60, and has a 600% added damage effectiveness Sigil’s damage effectiveness is at best 100%.

So the cost need to be reduced if you have Divine Flare significantly (ideally a flat reduction rather than mana efficiency), ideally you’d halve it at the very least & potentially increase the damage effectiveness though that would depend where you want Sigils of Hope to sit, as a high cost/high damage skill or as a cheap low damage spamable skill.

Which brings me to my next point. Even though it’s fire damage, it feels less bad if you convert it to Void & use it as a Void Knight since you can get a decent amount of added damage plus the echos (up to 40%) and then you can use 4 Introspective idols (9-25% mana efficiency for void spells per idol). The downside is that it takes up 7 skill points, which mean yo ueither take fewer points in Waves of Light (+1 chain per point), Consecrating Flare (+50% hit damage per point) or forgo Renewed Hope (up to 40% chance to resummon a consumed Sigil). Maybe that number of points required would be ok since it would mean that Void Knights go to convert to void so they can benefit from Echoes & Paladins go for Renewed Hope instead.

I’d also like to see some additional ways for non-Void Knights to scale the damage. Paladins could get damage scaling based on healing effectivness (like Judgement) & Forge Guards could get damage scaling based on block chance (like Shield Bash).


  • It’s too expensive to use as it is at the moment for the low damage it does
  • Several nodes don’t appear to work (Waves of Light & Unwavering Faith)

I really wanted to make a sigil build with warpath having them detonate doing extra damage while spinning. It’s one of the few abilities that you can convert to be instant cast which allows you to use while you are channeling. But like you said there is issues with it. The cost is non-sustainable with little damage to compensate it.


Because of your annoying repetitive attempts to push this topic wherever and whenever I meet you, I spent a bit of time to dig out this thread.

As frustrating it is for me, I can’t find something wrong with your suggestion. Seems legit.

The only version of Sigils that I can stand to play is with 1 single Sigil. Having more Sigils and trying to keep them up is awfully annoying for me. I tried to force me to play with it but in almost all of my Sentinel builds I’ll skip that skill.

So please, EHG, tune this skill to be more fun playing, please :laughing:. Mana efficiency and refreshing stacks (or make creating stacks easier) would be cool.

I’m not sure if Sigils should compete as a damage skill. But if not the mana/damage proportion should be relatively similar to other skills. Right now it’s not worth it.


It used to refresh stacks, then they changed it. I’ve been begging for it to be changed back ever since. Join me in my begging to change this back to a less annoying skill!


Agree. Some skill we could spec into that could refresh it (maybe 1point per sigil) or change the node “last wish” to higher % on death (or make it able to put more points into it and keep it the 6% but per point)


I’ll gladly join this crusade! :fist_right::fist_left::handshake::muscle:


If they refresh all stacks like it was before they can simply make a one sigil version out of it. It was just a button you pressed once in a while. Yeeees it’s not greate how it works atm but then again I don’t know if there is a good way to manage it… like a node that’ll always keep 2 up no matter what and you only have to care about 3 sigils or something along those lines.

I can’t think of something that will make the skill good and everyone happy because if the skill is potent like sigils can be without a doubt I think it should be a skill that needed to be maintained.

The whole sigils of hope skill screams “Back to the drawinboard!” from my point of view.

Agreed… Sigils needs work… Its like an afterthought skill because its so annoying to keep more than one stack up. It has ok boosts but god it’s clunky to use… Wish the 6% cast on kill was higher and able to keep it up automatically.


You don’t say…


Does anyone know if the faith node of sigils of hope is working properly?
I ask as when fighting against rahyeh the Black Sun his void triangle aoe’s were doing half my health and the sigils were not reduced and I was not healed.

Faith does, but Unwavering Faith’s threshold reduction doesn’t appear to.

so getting unwavering faith cause faith to not proc at all?

No, Unwavering Faith should reduce the health-loss-in-a-single-hit threshold so that it procs more often.

i was coming here to make a post precisely for the same thing xD the only thing is i think its intended to have a high cost but the high cost makes it almost impossible to use comfortably without volatile reversal and the duration is way too short so it feels clunky. sure it can be increased with idols and all but the idols cost isnt worth the benefits of sigil of hope.

i see other solutions tough instead of a chance on kill to get sigils since its already rather low chance id make that a chance on hit or crit so its more reliable and can be geared towards… of even a chance when you get hit could make this ok.

also there has to be a way to make the timers on it more user friendly cause sometimes you are at max stack so you think ull be good timer seems full and all… you jump in a pack just to find out 2 of your 4 stacks just expired on you and you are now vulnerable… like llama said maybe make the skill increase its own duration completely instead of adding stacks so you can just cast once to refresh… but then the healing nodes would not work… other than that should be a way to make it so its more reliable and easier to refresh maybe make it so you get a chance to proc on hit but it no longer can heal you to avoid abuse?