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Sigils of Hope

Hello here I am the big paladin fan but have encountered BIG bug that reduces enjoyment of gameplay !!!GREATLY!!! Skill Sigils of Hope when last I am play refreshed all stacks but now just refresh !!!ONE STACK!!! It is a thing which decreases my enjoyment of class VERY MUCH! Makes skill very ANNOYING!!! Now drains my mana and has much worse uptime due to BUG!!! I would hope gets the fix and then maybe a slight NERF since skill is OP ;)!!! ty for the listen hope this change so my QOL will go the positive way!

Sigils of Hope was actually changed when we released Patch 0.7.6;

It’s possible that this was too much of a nerf/inconvenience so we do welcome feedback, but this isn’t a bug. Thanks!

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