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Sigils of Hope Timer Circle

As it stands when you cast Sigil of Hope a buff indicator appears with the skill icon, a green bar around the icon that decreases counter-clockwise until the longest-duration sigil expires, and a numerical counter in the bottom-righthand corner.

I was wondering how people would feel about changing the duration counter (the diminishing circle) from tracking the LONGEST sigil left to the SHORTEST.

Currently, if you have 3 sigils activated you do not know when you will drop to 2, then drop to 1. You only know when the LAST sigil will disappear taking you to 0.

My proposal: The circle-timer will count down until the shortest sigil vanishes. Meaning when the bar completely disappears you will drop from 3 Sigils to 2, and then the bar instantly goes back to 100% (or whatever percentage that sigil has remaining, such as 50%). Then when that cycle is done it once again “jumps” back to 100% for the last remaining sigil (or whatever applicable percentage).

Reason: This will help players maintain a specific number of sigils with proper timing as there is no indicator of when your nearest-expiring sigil will expire. This change will allow you to time your sigil uses more accurately.

I think it would be a bit of a mindf**k initially but it would probably be better.

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Agree. When I run sigil of hope, the timer wasn’t useful to me at all as I always want max stack up. So I typically need to refresh at about 1/3 of the timer as that’s roughly when the first sigil drops.

I’d most definitely be down with this. I use Sigils a lot and nothing is more frustrating then seeing your Sigil count drop to 3 so you activate a new one to 4 and right after it drops to 3 again almost immediately.

Another thing they could do is just have one timer, the way stacks work like on Sweeping Wind in D3, and as long as you keep refreshing it stays at your max count. I think there might be an escalated fall off once you stop refreshing them. This might change the way the Sigil works though and might cause it to need more balancing so may not be the best option.

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