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Shrines Are Coming to Last Epoch!

We’re bringing Shrines to Last Epoch!

Shrines are magical constructs found in the world that can be activated by clicking on them. They have a variety of exciting effects - such as summoning enemies for you to fight, spawning temporary allies to assist you in combat, and granting powerful, time-limited buffs.

Shrines can only be activated once. Activating a Shrine is optional; it is possible to simply walk past one without clicking on it. A Shrine may be more dangerous than it initially seems.

The Shrines from each era have their own unique model. Additionally, their appearance will update when they are activated, and again when their duration expires. We’ve posted the concept art for each of these models below. Which one’s your favourite?



OMGawd how did i not see these coming. Love it!

I like the ancient era shrine. It’s all floaty and stuff. <3

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Welcome back! :wave:



Oh damn, give me some of that Ruined Era!

Bottom right tatter cloth shrine by far my favorite visually. but they all look fantastic! cant wait to see what more they can add to my gameplay!

Will these appear in the arena at random? @Sarno

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Divine era shrine for me!

I’m not able to say for sure.

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Can’t wait! :smiley:

Super cool guys and girls. I love the divine era one.

This sounds nice, especially the fact that they don’t affect you if you don’t click on them.

great art work on the divine, and ruined eras, I look forward to activating as many shrines as I can.


Cool !
Take the good assets of D2, the better it will be. future seems promising :heart:

They look great !
Small concern about visibility between “unused” and “activated”, but I’m sure you guys will get it right or at worst fix it slightly later on :slight_smile:
Cant wait on end of month patch ^^’

They look great, especially the ruined era one.

Awesome addition.
Love the Imperial Era shrine the most.