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Show us dem purplez

i haven’t crafted on it at all yet. i think you’re right about the tier on the channeled damage, but i don’t have the game open currently to check. i was kind of :man_shrugging: about the stun chance but i’ve found that ele nova is pretty good at stunning while leveling so that’s actually a pretty good stat too.

i hit the 300-mana mark last night and have a couple of idols with double increased fire damage when over 300 mana. the staff should free up some affix slots on other gear when i can equip it. i’m currently trying to build around ward for defense but i’m also interested in using mana… there doesn’t seem to be a ton of options for that though, so far i’ve only seen it as an affix on body armors and one branch in flame ward’s tree. i think i need to review some builds and see how people are building around ward and mana because i haven’t really done that before.

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Well yeah if you havn’t crafted at all you might havea chance of increasing either stun chance or the channeled damage.

FYI, there are tons of options for all kind of mana related stuff, on idols, uniques and evne normal stats(affixes + implicits).
Just to give you some idea in case you are not aware, Body + Helmet Mage Affix Shard “Damage Dealt To Mana Before Health”, rolls 8-10% for T5

Also don’t forget that Sorcerer Mastery bonus gives increased damage equal do mana costs, which can lead to making spells deliberate “expensive”, when you have enough mana for that.

On top of that there is “Mana spent gained as ward” for idols and Body + Helmet, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Now since we already have some posts here i can give you some more stuff to really Drool xD

I am holding back so many cool stuff, just because i don’t wanna post like 10 item in a row :smiley:


So THAT’S what it looks like. :smiley:

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man that belt is sick! almost half your crit avoidance on one item plus a ton of dodge and ward potions. insane. did it drop like that or did you craft it into such a thing of beauty?

i haven’t looked much into mage’s mana-cost bonus because i thought it was just spell damage and i’m trying to focus on the ignite damage. if it’s global i might need to reconsider.

i do have a chest piece with mana spent gained as ward and mana protects life but i fractured it trying to craft it up so it’s not very good as of now. i only had a few shards of each to start with, so i’ll have to shatter it whenever i find another base to craft on. hopefully i get at least one of each back. i always check affixes on items looking for rare ones when i get a big loot-splosion but i really hope we get a filter soon so i can stop wasting so much time on it.

Nah, i did craft a little bit on it, it already had all 4 affixes on it.i think both dodge affixes were T3 or something liek that. havnt touched the T3 potion one yet. Just crafted the dodge to T5.

With Glyph Of Guardian im sitting at 58% success chance(25% minor fracture and 17% damaging fracture). Not worth the risk, since i easily could use that belt even for non ward based chars. But for Spellblade or Sorc probably BiS item defensively.

Neither spell damage nor the damage increas from sorc mastery does affect DoT’s.

managed to anul a bad mod off this thing and now it’s just got perfect t7 spell crit. no plans for it yet

and then i’ve got this thing:

seems very good for an ele nova build but haven’t bothered to make one. i also dont have the balls to push the instability higher to get the mana from t1 to t5


Could be used to fish out the best desintegrate build ever - due to high dmg boost and Mana - and also, focus can be turned into a channeled dmg skill, that might also make a good match, since you could maybe even stack Mana to 400-500 or even more. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Foe’s Lightning Blast build ((Boardman21 posted a version on YT) that converts LB to cold and uses the channeling node would also feast with this amulet. In fact, every single one of those mods is incredibly useful to both LB and Nova, both of which are channeled in the build.

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I got ya covered. Now i feel a little bit bad because i do not play any character that uses shields :smiley:

Solarum Shield

BE implicit is not great, but i guess you can work with that item anyway.

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Any good?

Honestly I’ve always been terrible in figuring out if something is any good in whatever aRPG I’ve played. I still can’t keep MIs in Grim Dawn straight after 2700 hours.

I haven’t used staffs personally that much. Void damage might not be the best damage type, for most of staff users.

I can imagine using that for either a Spellblade or a Lich Harvest/Spellcaster Hybrid (Harvest does have a node to convert all added dmg from items into necrotic)
Possibly could be also used for some kind of sentinel/VK, since VK at least can use void damage.

But probably just a mediocre item. You could be brave and try to gamble with a rune of removal. If you remove the minion damage you could add some other ailment chance on hit.

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Just found my 1st Double Purple. It’s a t6, t7

Double Purple

Now on the hunt for a 3 and a 4.


Wow gz. I already found dozens of purples, but not a single double T6 or even T6/T7 one.

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i haven’t played a pure void knight build yet, but i believe that would synergize well with the tree… melee void damage fits with the archetype and a lot of the skills on the tree scale with spell damage, so that would be a solid early-endgame staff.

the ignite chance is sort of negligible but i imagine you could spec into some ailment stuff in paladin or forge guard trees and just have ignite as a little bit of bonus damage. same for minion damage… i have no knowledge or experience of the animate armor skill (or whatever it’s called) but that’s the only thing on that tree that could use it. and if you’re already trying to scale void damage, melee damage and spell damage, throwing ignite or minion into the mix would stretch you too thin.

i’d gamble on a rune of removal… if you hit either of the prefixes, it’s pretty much pointless to continue, but if you can take off one of the suffixes it could be made into a pretty solid weapon to get through early mono.

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So i did found some treasure over the last couple of days i wanted to share, some i already crafted on and fractured and some are untouched.

The Burial Plate might not the best best base for a Aura Of Decay build, never dabbled into that skill, maybe give it a try anyway.

Another Double Purple: T7 T6 T5 T3


This is why I don’t like the current loot drop system with low tier bases dropping in high tier areas:

And no @kiss_me_quick, you are wrong. This does not make me happy, this just makes me pissed off. If it had dropped as a level appropriate base, I’d be off making a 2-handed axe build in a shot…

Edit: And now I’ve finally dropped a Morditas’ Reach & am seriously thinking about doing a frostbite build instead of yet another Sentinel.


Congrats on the finding man! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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No, you are wrong that I am wrong because I don’t think so!
I think the T6/T7s constantly being on terrible bases is a net negative for the player and I have suggested the Last Epoch devs to take this whole player psyche thing as a mathematical exercise unless they want to advise someone who’s capable of working with these models (:
Although embarrassingly inadequate and to avoid another 3000 word essay, the mathematical formula for this would be T6 positive( 1) - bad base negative( [ 1.5] due to negativity bias ) = net negative of 0.5 = no bueno.

EDIT for this section: A predictive counterargument could be that “Don’t we get bad bases and affixes all the time? Shouldn’t we feel bad all the time?” I would say no - we don’t have at least high or influential expectations which would affect our moods - purples in the other hand let the imagination play itself out more vividly. This is also constantly demonstrated with the chat whining all the time that all uniques are for summoners.

I personally would advocate for better bases scaling with level also due to it being another incentive for players to level up. Something like the lowest base which can drop is -40 your level.


Little contribution from me

First the weapon I’m currently using on my vk nothing fanccy but the cold protection was very good on this one.

Plus I found a staff I’ll maybe use for another roll but don’t know what yet.

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