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Show possible affix ranges in the crafting UI

Hey there,

I think it’d be great to be able to see the possible number ranges you can roll for the various affixes in the crafting UI. It can be hard to choose between affixes when you don’t know what you can get with any of them.



You can see that on item itself. Just click Alt+CTRL

I’m not seeing what you mean? Say I want to add a Strength affix to an item, alt-ctrl on the item doesn’t show any additional information. Alt-ctrl works for affixes that are already on an item, but even then if you’re upgrading the affix to the next tier it’s not very useful for crafting, since it only shows the ranges for the current tier.

Personally I think there’s plenty of room at the bottom where it says “Will add x instability” to have a “Will add x-x Strength”.


Your intention is great! I realy like to see how much possible benefit I have if put X or Z on my gear. The field in the bottom is pretty still if you crafted an item all the way up and have chances of a destructive fracture.

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