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Shock Effect and Lightning Pen good?

I’ve seen some vids that shock effect and/or lightning pen at the end game is not worth it. Is this true?

Pretty much. The effect you get from it is just so much smaller than the protections it’s attempting to reduce.

Shame. Hopefully this will be fixed considering there are a bunch of passives that give these “debuffs”.

Shock, and subsequently shock effect, can be very good but not for DPS reasons. Shock lowers stun resistances, and some builds can actually stun lock most enemies with high enough shock.

Do mobs not have the same stun lock prevention that the player has? We are immune to stun for 1s after a stun ends, though this wouldn’t prevent you from stunning a boss out of all of it’s skills if you had sufficiently high ability to stun. I believe that this was what you were seeing last night on Rahyeh, your stun chance was high enough such that it couldn’t get through a single skill completely (or even much) before you’d stunned it, then it would get 1s to start a skill up & then you’d have stunned it again…

So while you can’t technically stun lock a boss, you can do so effectively enough to keep it from actually doing anything…

Not sure about the mono bosses, but other enemies definitely don’t have a 1 second stun prevention. I have a more powerful version of what i was streaming yesterday that can perma stun even story bosses.

By observation, the damage component of all shock and shred isn’t behaving as intended, but the stun component of shock is.