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Shields and Ring of Shield questions

Hi guys,

Im running a hammerdin atm, sword&board and I have 2 questions:

  • how do I spec my Ring of Shields?

  • what are the most important stats on shield - block%, block armour, amount blocked?

btw, how do u find volatile reversal? is lunge really useful? I have lunge specced defensively and its nothing to write home about for me…


You will actually find every answer to your questions in my beginner’s guide, with the exception of how to spec ring of shields.

For speccing Ring of Shields, I would take the nodes which grant you extra shields and to increase the time the shields are active. Take Reinforcement 2/2, Amass 3/3 and Enduring Defense 3/3

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I ready the guide - short, informative and straight to the point - really nice!

I have one question though, now my hammerdin uses void aura on hammers.

Is weapon only a stat stick? does hammer throw use my weapon dmg?

Yes it’s a stat stick. No it does not use weapon damage . Increase physical damage % and increase crit chance % are the 2 prefixes I use on my weapon as they both increase hammer damage.

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Thank u…

Im begolinning yo really like this game.


Have you tried Shield Rush? I like it a bit more that Lunge because it can be used to escape because it does not need to be targeted at an enemy. Also you can use the Shield Rush to travel faster. You can rush infinitely until you hit an obstacle or release the button.

Volatile Reversal is no skill for me. I don’t get it timed right. It is 50/50 I end up with less mana than before and be teleported right back into the pack of enemies I just evaded. :roll_eyes::woozy_face:

Shueld rush…will check it out…I find myself not using Launge all that much…

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