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Shield Throw

Fleet of Foot skill upgrade for Shield Throw is very clearly bugged, or wrongly written.

Says on it the buff lasts for 5 seconds, and while I did think that’s WAY overkill, I went ahead and invested on it, on the off chance it was true, but it clearly is just 0.5s duration.

P.S.: While on it, though, will we ever get a way to reset Skill Specializations without actually having to re-lvl the skill from the ground up? Because right now, it’s exactly what I have to do with it. And it sucks everytime.

I’ve checked in-game and the node description says 0.5 for me-- could you screenshot if it’s something different?

Yes, we’re working on other respec systems.


Here you go.

Also, thanks for the quick answer and the clarification on re-spec systems!

Could you take a screenshot of the Ageless Ascetic passive in the Lich tree? I’m curious if periods just aren’t rendering correctly in any tooltips on your system. It should say “1.5% of damage”.

No Periods. :frowning:

What should I do?

Unfortunately I haven’t encountered this before so I’m not sure. Posting your system information and log file (ideally restart the game, hover over an affected tooltip, copy the file) is a good place to start.

Here it goes:

DxDiag.txt (44.6 KB)

output_log.txt (286.2 KB)

Late response, but this should be fixed as of Patch 0.7.3. Let us know if you’re still having this issue.

Oh yeah, I noticed the problem was gone a while ago, my bad for not notifying it here as well.


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