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Shield Throw questions

Hey guys,
I’ve got some questions about shield throw in connection with manifest armor and ring of shields.

So I skilled shield throw to also grant the ability to hit allies and give them an armor boost. Also the manifest armor does an whirl attack when hit.

If the manifest armor is summoned and ring of shields is active the thrown shield ricochets from both, armor and shields. When hit the shields perform the same whirl attack like the armor. This only happens when the armor is summoned. Without it the shields don’t whirl attack.

I could not figure out whether this is a graphical bug only or the shields whirl attack really does damage (too many numbers on the screen). I like this function although it may be a bug. Does anybody know if this is intended?

Another question:
I find it very useful to be able to let the shield ricochet from shields when fighting a big single target like a elite or a boss. In this case the enemie can be hit by the aoe fire proces on hit (forgot the name… something with volcanic?) because it procs with the shields, too.

But what about fight against huge numbers of enemies? Is there a priority what’s targeted by shield throw (enemies first allies second) Here’s why I ask: Shield throw does direct damage on hit and additional damage with the volcanic proc. By hitting a shield next to an enemy the enemy is getting hit by the volcanic proc only. In this case you would lose the direct damage.

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