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Shield Throw - Faithguard node not working

Hey EHG,

The node “Faithguard” from “Shield Throw” is not working at all, it doesn’t give elem/poison protections !

I think the problem with determining whether these nodes work at all is that Shield Throw with the Aegis node will never ricochet from the player thus you can’t be affected by Aegis/Faithguard. I think that’s the bug/problem.

I think the armor bonus node just before Faithguard is working ? (maybe I was mistaken since I also had other armor proc on the skill tree though)

This node’s effects are working correctly. The player doesn’t count as a valid target for Aegis, however, so you won’t see any effects in your character sheet.

I believe Aegis is working as intended and the tooltip should just be clarified, but I’ll confirm that internally.

oh ok thx for the clarification, this part of the skill tree feels a bit useless until mult is out then ! ^^

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