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Shield throw and idols bug

So there are 2 bugs with shield throw and Aegis node

  1. It doesnt bounce from the char itself, afaik devs are aware of this bug

  2. if you have the Aegis node and Idols that give “Chance To Cast Smite When You Hit With Throwing Attacks”. The smite never procs if the shield throw hits allies tested on both manifest armor and shields. I do not know how it is supposed to work, so please either change the description on idols into “Chance To Cast Smite When You Hit Enemies With Throwing Attacks” or its a bug.

Hope youll find a solution to both issues, and thanks for hard work.

#2 there would probably be because smite doesn’t target allies, it only casts on enemies. Since the idol targets the enemy struck by the throwing attack, if it hits an ally it doesn’t have an enemy to target. There’s probably a workaround for this like having smite target the nearest enemy to a struck ally.
But then again I’ve also had idol proc’d smite cast at barrels and boxes far away from the actual throwing hit targets before. May already be targeting something but just firing off at some random place on the map lol.

I’ve checked on these issues internally.

Shield Throw does not count as a hit when targeting or ricocheting off of allies. In general, on hit effects cannot be proc’d by allies. That means the Smite Idol stat is also working as intended.

I recognize that this isn’t immediately clear, but that’s the way we intended this to work. Currently we prefer to specify if hitting allies will trigger an effect, rather than explicitly stating an effect only counts for enemies.

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