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Shield Rush - Mana Memory bug

Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I couldn’t find anything on it when searching.

The Mana Memory node on the tree does not do what it says it does. It’s supposed to add an extra 10 second cooldown and put your mana back to the same amount as when you first used the skill. However, once I took this node the following happened:

-No extra cooldown was added (it’s still 4 seconds)
-I got an extra charge of the skill while having 0 points in Endless Cycle
-I got a huge amount of Mana Efficiency which brought the skill cost from around 60 down to 23 (NOTE: I also have Dark Rush and Descent of the Void allocated, both of which increase the mana cost)
-Every time I use it, I get ALL of my mana back. Tested this by using up all of my mana then using Shield Rush to put me at negative mana. When the rush ended, I was back to full mana

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