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Shield Bash: New Sentinel Skill Coming in Patch 0.7.10

Our next content update, Patch 0.7.10, includes a new Sentinel skill!


Default Functionality

Shield Bash’s unspecialized tooltip


The Specialization Tree

Here’s some examples of nodes from Shield Bash’s tree!

Double Bash (0/1)
You gain an additional charge of Shield Bash, but it has a longer cooldown.


        Fusillade (0/1)
         Using Shield Bash consumes all charges and deals significantly more damage per charge consume (multiplicative with other modifiers).


Hindrance (0/3)
Shield Bash now also slows enemies on hit.


        Staggering Punch (0/3)
        Shield Bash now also knocks enemies back, if Shield Bash has a cooldown.


Rebounding (0/1)
Your next Shield Throw can ricochet 5 additional times after using Shield Bash.


        Conjurer (0/1)
        Shield Bash has a chance to cause one enemy to drop a potion if Shield Bash has a cooldown.


Dazed (0/5)
Stuns caused by Shield Bash last longer.


        Wall of Shields (0/1)
        If Shield Bash is used while Ring of Shields is active, the shields form a wall which increases the width of Shield Bash, based on the number of active shields.



Shield Bash’s default visual effect


Shield Bash specialized with the Wall of Shields node


Cant wait! Finally some sentinel love!!


First mother… oh, wait…

Looks good :wink:

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Beyond the addition of the skill, the synergistic animation between two skills (here with rings of shield) is something that in my opinion should be added when possible.
Animations like this actually gives more life to the character and a better feeling of skills use/rotation.

Is that the first of this kind of animation in the game ?


The same can happen with shield rush and ring of shields.

I don’t think so. Ring of Shields has a node where it it stretches out in front of you while Shield Rushing, as well as a (minor) interaction with Warpath.

Though I do look forward to slapping the ****out of things and turning a defensive mechanic (block) into moar damage.

Hype :open_mouth:

Wasn’t lizard complaining that Forge Gaurd was “ridiculously” over powered?

Nope, that was block. And love is different than power (although love is the most powerful, harry)


right, and this skill would make block even more powerful. “1% more damage per 1% block chance” Would it not?

Oh my! I cant imagine the whole 7 shields stretching out for a mega bash!

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was thinking the same.

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not more than other skills, a lot of other skills get 100% more damage, just a synergy really

5 extra ricochets = how many smites?

Damn, that looks good!


Stun has been unreliable to this point. This is a guaranteed stun. Is this going to be a decent way to interrupt enemies casting things? The skill description seems a little confusing. Not only does it say “that” twice, it sounds like it is a guaranteed stun against EVERYTHING including bosses. Just the 100% increased stun duration doesn’t count on bosses. So can this be used to interrupt bosses casting certain things? Unless it isn’t a guaranteed stun and it is still based on your stun chance, which it should clarify.

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Does this mean there will be a node that removes the cooldown?

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Omg this skill looks soo good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: new favorite skill? :scream: