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Shatter Strike: What Node Would You Give Its Specialization Tree?

The Rogue may also have some.


Polar Vortex (0/1) - Changes Shatter Strike into a moving channeled skill (aka Cold Spellblade version of Warwind)

Something for mana efficiency/cost because it sucks it up like crazy when I just want to play with the Dex scaling.

Speaking of, maybe something that removes the Dex scaling for more Int scaling, with a pair exclusive node that does the reverse?

I liked the idea of getting a damage bonus based on how much you’ve dodged recently, maybe in exchange for the freeze (hard to dodge when enemies can’t attack you).

Leaving ice clones on use, that maybe echo the skill, is also a cool idea. Or perhaps a cold skill proc like Flame Reave does with Fireball, such as with Glacier or even its ice vortex nodes.

Obvious potential nodes are increased AoE radius or concentrating the AoE into a semi-circle or smaller cleave type attack.

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  • Turn shatter strike into an instant cast that inflicts a stacking self-chill
  • Enemies hit at full health have their health reduced to 80%
  • Cull % is higher for each different skill you’ve used recently
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Do a bonus cold damage based on the enemy’s current health. So you deal more bonus damage to enemies with full health, and less bonus damage to enemies with low health.



  1. Wind Shear Branch
    Wind Shear; Turns the skill from a melee attack skill to a spell attack skill. Rather than affecting a circle, turns it into a long range, very narrow cone. Start of a branch. Additional nodes slightly widen the cone, and deal increased Cold damage. It still counts as a hit for the purposes of “on hit” effects. Following nodes are in no particular order
    – Howling Vortex; %Chance (10/20/30%) on Critical Hit to summon a Tornado, which gather’s up enemies. Damage scales with Intelligence, rather than Attunement. Additional nodes increase chance to trigger and widen AoE.
    – Snowstorm; Chance to apply any of the following effects on hit; Knockback, Stun, Blind, Chill, Freeze and/or Stagger
    – Northern Winds; Gain resistance to fire damage if you’ve cast this recently.
    – Gale Speed; improved movement speed, attack and cast speed after casting this spell
    – Scything Winds; Bonuses to Throwing Attack Damage and Speed improve this skill’s Spell Damage and Cast speed by 50/100/150% ratio.

General Nodes;
– Winter’s Deathly Grasp; Culled Frozen enemies are risen as Zombies under your control, but cannot be healed. Their melee attacks apply Chill on hit.
– Splinter Statues; Culled Frozen enemies are instead risen as Frozen Statue Totems firing long distance barbs of ice.
– Gelid Blood; if you’ve used this skill recently, you gain +5/10/15 Ward Retention and 5/10/15 points of Necrotic, Poison and Void resistance for each point of Intelligence.

I’m a bit of sucker for specific weapons, getting a bit of a buff for each;

  • 2 Handed Polearms - long handled weapons which can be spun quickly? Attack Speed, Reach, Ailment infliction
  • Blunt Weapons (1H, and 2H) Improved Crit, Stun, Damage vs afflicted enemies
  • Sceptre - Improved Block, Reflect, Ward/Retention, decrease Ward Retention if you’ve been hit recently, but deal improved retaliation damage - cast on block, perhaps

Edit - it’s worth pointing out that there isn’t a legendary Sceptre yet. Might be a nice way to introduce the skill, and that’s to put it alongside a new Unique?

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Well, I almost finished my Shatter Strike suggestion .
There’s still some work to do, but I’m close to finish it.

Hope you like that is already available :blush: .

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Wow guys! Tons of amazing suggestions here. Literally too many to use them all. I think almost all the initial ideas for nodes in this tree are going to come from the community. I’ve just gone through and compiled all your ideas and I’ve got about 3x what I need. We will for sure be doing this again with another skill down the road. We can’t do it for every skill but this was awesome!


Why don’t you make a community event? Throw in a Skill for an upcoming class… or tease a upcoming class with it whistles, and leave on skilltree to a community build and give the best 3 made skilltrees a pet of some sort or something like that. People love such things and maybe you’ll be suprised of the outcome ^^.

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That’s almost the effect we’re going for here. This way we can get the best ideas from everyone in. I’m compiling it right now and I’ve got WAY more nodes than I can use and they are all awesome. All of them came from the community.

We used a skill that was already in the game but didn’t have a tree yet because that way people have a feel for it and know what they might want from it. Making a tree for a skill you’ve never used before is, in general, not going to yield as good ideas I think.


But I’m having fun imagining how that tree would look :slight_smile:

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Something like this…time to start cutting and combining nodes.


What a tease! :wink: But this is amazing and I’m super excited about how it turns out. Even though you got way too many node ideas, some the extra ones could be used down the line I guess, or even for other skills.

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I wished I had come up with something. :disappointed_relieved: But everyone else had such great ideas :astonished:


Even though all those ideas came from this thread, I wanted to keep a little mystery as to which ones I was using.

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