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Shatter Strike (and other spellblade attacks) how to scale/weps to use?

Hey! just started playing the game and loving it, but I have one huge problem (its possible I am just missing something).

As far as I can tell there are no damage numbers on the tooltips or dps listed anywhere for skills so I am having a tough time figuring out what stats I should be looking for on weapons.

Currently it seems a level 17 sceptre is giving the best damage for my shatter strike, ( i am level 46) but I have no idea why or if it even really does. If anyone could give me some advice for stats (and even what types of weapons to use) that would help increase the melee attacks for spell blades i would greatly appreciate it!


First off when you mouse over skills on your bar it will show what stats scale the skill such as Strength or Dexterity. While moused over the skill you can also hold ALT and it will show you more detailed information about the skill and its scaling. This is helpful for learning the best ways to scale all the different skills in the game since each skill will have different ways of scaling it.

Typically flat added damage scales most skills the best but this isnt always the case. There are also skill that wont even scale from % Damage and scale even more from added flat damage like Judgment. And skills like Warpath only scale 40% effectiveness of Added Flat Damage. Since we do not have tooltips for each skill you kinda just have to use these tooltip information on each skill to help you figure what best scales the skill.

In the case of Shatter Strike it scales from Melee Damage, Cold Damage (Melee), Dexterity (+1 Added Cold Melee per), and Intelligence (4% Cold Damage per) and Intel also Scales 4% Freeze Rate Multiplier. Thats the main stats you want to focus on for best scaling this skill. Something to consider since you have 2 main stats that can scale this skill is what else do you want to scale? for instance what Defenses do you wish to use on this character? Do you want to use Ward and scale Intel so you scale the %Cold damage along with scaling for ward retention or do you wish to scale it through Dex and go Dodge route so you can scale both Melee and Cold % Damage for the skill while also helping with Dodge Scaling?

These are just some of the things you will need to consider for endgame scaling of this skill. This also isnt to mention what other skill you wish to use but you should get the general idea youll want to pick one of these main stats that best synergizes with the skills you plan to use for the best results.

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Does spell damage matter at all?

There’s no spell tag on this skill its a Melee skill therefore Spell will do nothing for it. Its Melee so Melee Scaling is what scales it Spell scales Spells.

Awesome thank you very much!

Feel Free to message me in game if you need more help good luck. \m/

ok one more question sorry to keep buggin you! Is the fireball triggered by flame reave effected by your fireball spell if you have it speciallized (does it gain all of the bonuses)?

That im not 100% sure on quite yet im about to test that later tonight on my Paladin with Judgment and it casting Smite and see how this works myself for my build idea. Ill let you know once i figure it out if someone else hasn’t already answered before i get to test it.

Yes, if you press alt when you hover over fireball it’s mentioned afaik ;).

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