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Shards disposal

Hello guys! I just purchased the game maybe 3-4 hours ago. Currently lvl 23 .

I’ve been looting alot of Shards lately. After i gathered a couple i put them into the forge to craft some gear later or perhaps on the Moment.

Theres alot of shards drop and im fine with it but would it be possible to instantly put them into the forge? Like when we sell stuff to shop, alt+ right click. Doing the same for when you want to remove it from you’re forge would be pretty awesome too!

Wanted to add, you guys did a really great job on this game. Im really enjoying myself. Cannot wait for launch!!

The "Store Crafting Materials’ button puts all of your current shards and runes into the crafting tab.

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Oh damn, after 8-9hours i didint even notice that!

Thanks buddy!

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