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Shard Trader/Gambler - Additional Gold Sink Option

Chatting in game and I thought of a potential additional gold sink and something to do with the loads of super common affix shards we are accumulating.

What if we had another gamble-master. One who would let you give him 1-2 (or 3 or 4, whatever balances it) of your Common affixes w/ some gold and that guaranteed a drop from a higher rarity pool of shards?

Common to Uncommon
Uncommon to Rare
Rare to Super Rare

This could be based on the % drop rate and would increases in cost as you moved up rarity levels.

Obviously the idea needs fine tuning, but I think it would be a “fun” idea that could make the common affix shards useful, especially long term.

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Another option would be to have an NPC that converts shards (numbers from the dark fetid place that no-one talks about), 5 of your shards gets converted to a random shard, 10 of your shards gets gonverted to a random shard of a particular type (ie, defensive, offensive, etc, or possibly more specific, health, protection, minions, etc), 20 of your shards allows you to specify what shard you want.


This is great too. I’m just thinking some sort of shard/gold dump that can be used to target progression when you’ve farmed for hours already.

Turning those 1100 vitality shards into something useful other than a line item in inventory, ever growing.

how about XX (and i’m thinking a large number) of shards to repair a fracture level?
so major to minor, minor to none.

It shouldnt be cheap

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It would probably have to be thousands of shards, 'cause I’ve got ~16k shards. I guess they could work it to be able to repair the destructive fracture (the one that reduces the tiers of affixes) if they remembered what the levels were before it happened (which I don’t think they do at the moment).

IMO, that would probably best be used on your high instability high tier item that you were pushing for “perfection” and it got borked. That said, it might also make the rune that rerolls the values of affixes more useful. Once you’ve got a high tier item with bad rolls, use the rune of refinement, it breaks & drops down to 4x t1s then you use your method to repair it, then reroll again, etc…

If the cost increased with use, that might be good?

yes, exactly this. a lot of frustration around fractures is seemingly around people trying to get a perfect item and it breaking on them. You have 16k shards now but if you’d repaired an item from a previous break that cost you 5k shards for example…

it makes shards have a value and players would have to pick items they want to repair carefully if the price was expensive enough. Would you really want to spend 1/3rd of your shards on a poor item or save them for when you’re trying to make a perfect one?

Yeah, even the common shards would have value then as they could be used for “payment” to repair a borked item. Maybe the first repair would cost 3k, then double each time, or a higher base & a 50% increase.

IMO (getting into the detail because it’s more interesting than ONS reporting or reading through other company’s stats for examples of new reporting standards disclosures), the cost would be taken from any affix for which you have more than 100 shards, that way it doesn’t randomly take the 1 uber-rare shard that you’re trying to collect more of (like the Sentinel’s “damage taken as physical” affixes) & the cost is apportioned in the ratio of the shards (so if 10% of your shards are % increased Armour, that would take 10% of the cost).

a higher cost for each subsequent repair on the same item, a higher cost for a higher repair - so a major to minor repair should be a lot more expensive than a minor to none.

Add a gold cost to it as well and its a pretty nice currency sink.

As to how shards are allocated i’d almost be inclined to say no, the game just selects them. This should be expensive and something that you are not doing routinely.

Yes, both good ideas. Especially if the gold cost is ~x10 or x100 the shard cost.

Yes, but my point was how would the game choose them? Would it just order the affixes in number of shards & then consume them in order (so if the cost is 10k, you have 5k armour shards, 4k increased void prots shards, 3k increased fire prots shards, you’re then left with 0 armour/void prots shards & 2k fire prots shards)? Or spread the cost over all the shards that you have down to a minimum number of shards (so it takes every affix you have that has more than 100 shards & takes the cost from all of them in their ratio to the total pool available to it, taking my previous example, it would take the 10k cost 42% from armour, 33% from void prots & 25% from fire prots & you’d be left with 833 armour shards, 667 void prots shards & 500 fire prots shards rather than 0, 0, 2k respectively)?

Sacred (1 and 2) I don’t know for the 3, have this sytsem for skill rune.
That effectively apply here and it is really a very good idear.

In sacred depending on the number, you get random / class specific / specific one
Of course class specific doesn’t feel right here, or at an higher cost.
But we can have diffrent level like affix or suffix / defensive, …

Yes, that’s where I got it from.

Sacred 3 is the abomination of which we do not speak…

And that’s why I went with

hold on…someone else talking about S1 and S2!

Yes, the rune system from 1 and 2 had a good system.

3 is that game that should never be mentioned.

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I got it for free & I still want a refund…

mine is still sealed in the plastic wrapping…

I think this shard trader could serve multiple functions. Easily encompassing both stated ideas and others.