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Shard disappear if you remove equipment from the crafting UI

Hi guys,
Didn’t found this on forum so, as the title says, if you start crafting and put a item and a shard on the UI and after that remove the item, your shard disappear and you lose it…

Are you sure the shard isn’t being stored within the crafting panel? I just tried, and removing my item just put the shard into the list.

Indeed, I was confused about the panel so after your response, I read more about the shard stash, I didn’t noticed that it existed =X
So you are right, with more shards of the same type I could see that the number increases/decreases when I select one to use in the craft panel (before this I was storing all the shards on my normal stash :speak_no_evil:)

Ahh I see, no worries. There’s definitely room for improvement with the way we introduce crafting and inventory systems.

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