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Shapeshifting cooldown mechanic change from 0.7.5d reverted?

I’m using Spriggan Form and the 20s cooldown is no longer being tracked while in Spriggan Form. It has the full cooldown when leaving form either manually or through running out of mana.

Patch Notes for 0.7.5d state: “… Cooldowns are tracked while transformed, so if a cooldown has 10 seconds remaining and then you transform for 8 seconds, that cooldown will have 2 seconds remaining.”

Was this intentionally reverted, or is this a bug?

In 0.7.5d this was not supposed to apply to the cooldown of the transform skill itself, which now correctly starts when you exit the form. 0.7.6 also fixed bugs where it was not working with some other abilities such as a companion activatable abilities.

Thanks for the clarification! I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with the long period of being in human form I guess…

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