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Shapeshifter and Druid mastery passive idea

Hello guys quiet here!

I want to discuss today about druid mastery passive and shapeshifter passive. First lets talk about identity. What is your though of a Druid is a traditional term. well for me its a nature loving being that turns into animals and has great nature magic. So what do I think when I see Druid in LE? I think, Hell yea! I will be able to transform into things and kick butt. For most part this is true. But I have a couple of problems with the passive regarding shapeshifter and mastery passive.

The mastery passive that I would like see changed first off. When you transform back to human you gain 70% Damage reduction buff for 2 seconds. reason why I dislike this passive is basically its not good. The whole idea of Transformation to me! Is to maintain Form permanently for all the benefits of playing the skill. such as the armour buffs for free from tree plus the unique skill you get from the form. Its a change of playstyle that you invest into in order to keep playing. However the druid passive only helps for a very short duration and when your not in form! I would like to see a change where the passive would work for both non transformation and Transformation druid alike. Such as keep the concept but lower the value super hard. Ex. a flat 10% damage reduction for just going druid. This would help with leveling process for both non transform and transform playstyles since it would be a permanent buff. Still benefit the player who invested into having a 100% uptime in form.
I just want to bring more identity to this mastery since I feel personally it works against itself.
Which leads me into my next problem Shapeshifter passives!

Shapershifter passive. What does it do. Well the description says When you transform you gain the shapeshifter buff for 6 seconds which grants all resists and increase your damage both by 25% currently… Which you can increase to 12 seconds with added armour per point which adds up to a flat +300 armour. Now I feel this passive would be great IF the basic cooldown on all Transformation skill was not 20 seconds long! Even with CDR currently there is no way to invest to reduce the natural Cooldown to make this buff even have a 75% uptime. Now we can go 1 of 2 ways about this.

  1. remove the timer on the passive and reduce their value
  2. reduce the base cooldown of transform skill to 15 seconds baseline

Why 15 seconds baseline you ask. Cause then at T5 helm Cooldown reduction at 14% would reduce the natural cooldown roughly 2 seconds making it a near perfect 100% uptime and would make the player want to hunt for a T6 or T7 version of that helm stat to make it 100% uptime. Which would then make shapeshifter Feel good to invest a full 7 passive points into for the buff. Then you would still have the drawback of the player choosing to leave form to refresh the buff. I know the CD doesn’t start until after you leave form. but the idea would be to use shapeshifter as a passive gain for the 12 second burst window you would gain the resists and damage from making players choose do I stay in form use what I got or take the hit leave form for length of CD to refresh buff to give a burst window opportunity. This would open up the playstyle I think EHG trying to add of Stance Dance transformation! Going in and out of form for the added buffs. But This wouldn’t feel 100% unless EHG allowed for the CD to Tick while in form. So when you did decide to leave form and pick your moment to refresh you didn’t have to wait the entire length of CD. Possibly at least add a unique that would allow for this effect.

Ultimately these are my thoughts on the mastery passive and shapeshifter passive changes I would like to see, That I feel that could add more identity and playstyle options. Thank you for everyone to replies and reads this over.

  • QuietForMe

I wonder if the third trasnformation will add value to the buff, but it certainly needs to be extended or remeoved, as it goes against how the class i played currently.


I agree the 3rd transform could be a game changer. But I feel it still wouldn’t help werebear or spriggan options

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Yeah, all the changes that have happened to druid in the past six months or so have pushed to make it harder to stay in shapeshifted form while also forcing the player to stay out of the form for extended periods of time. This seems completely backwards to me, and if it wasn’t for the unique you designed @QuietForMe, I don’t think spriggan form would be even playable. These fixes would help, but I would also like to see EHG stop trying to force the player out of the shapeshifted form and give them more options to stay in it.

Maybe doing both (your suggestions plus more perma options) could add a variety of playstyles, one where stance dancing is viable and another where perma shift is also viable without pigeon holing these builds in very specific ways.

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I do agree. especially with the point that lizard had stated. plus with the info of a 3rd transform skill that going to come out eventually. I feel more options for stance dance playstyle plus perma options would help for the new skill also. I would hate to see the same problem we currently have to apply to a new skill because of the problems we currently have.

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I gave feedback on this as well. One thing I want to see is a playstyle that hinges on going back and forth between transformations. Shapeshifting cooldown to 5 seconds or so and have bonuses associated with transitioning between forms. I find that to be more engaging and allows the usage of non- transformation skills to be used without having to try and pigeonhole certain skills to transformation skills (swipe).

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Nah I agree I personally like the focus on a single form and try to maximize its toolkit while in form. (spriggan main here) but i do agree both perma form and stance dance playstyle should be possible! that was the goal with this post to allow both stance dance transform, perma transform, and non transform druid to gain a benefit from mastery passive. and make shiftshaper actually feel good to put the points into and feel useful cause they currently don’t.

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Yeah it’s such a low hanging fruit to introduce playstyle variety. They have the fundamentals there to have that as an option.

I’m not sure I understand the low hanging fruit part of that statement. But variety to me is the goal right! but yeah I agree the fundamentals are there 100% to set it up

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