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Severe performance issues since 0.7.4


since 0.7.4 LE runs poorly. I used ultra in 0.7.3 together with either streaming or recording - no issues whatsoever. In 0.7.4, while streaming I have between 10-20 fps. While playing normally, between 30-40.

my rig:
GeForce RTX 2080
driver 441.20
i7-8700 @ 3,2 GHz
1920 x 1080 resolution
Tried all sort of graphical settings, which seem to make no difference at all.

in the windows resource overview, Last Epoch uses 60% of CPU resources and 80% of GPU resources, just running in character creation.

output_log.txt (14.5 KB)

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Sorry about this! When you say that graphical settings made no difference, was there no visual difference, or did the performance just not change?

there was a graphical difference :slight_smile: But the performance was still bad.

0.7.4B runs a lot better. But still… 50% CPU, 50% GPU and I’m not getting 60FPS either, which I really should on this system.

I love this game, it’s already so good and there is still some dev time left for release. I would really prioritize optimization a lot more, because this is a PC game. And people like me, who bought a system for more than 2000 euro’s to run games (mainly, in my case video editing too) performance is just very important.

I get optimization is hard for the million combinations out there, but the difference between a game like PoE or Wolcen or even Pagan Online vs Last Epoch is really night and day, when you look at performance.

Just my 2 cents on this issue, which I really hope gets fixed before release. Otherwise this is going to be in a lot of reviews which I think will hurt the game. Everything else about this game is pretty much spot on. Just started 0.7.4B, loving it so far. Did 1 time rift. Planning a void knight. Already got 2 ideas for other builds I want to try. It’s all super fun.

Cheers guys.

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