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Several Crashes Today

I’ve had 3 crashes today since starting back again yesterday. I have a completely new system from when I played before as well.

The crashes appear to be pretty random but they all produce the following error in the “error.log”

UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:a6c4d640.

I will be uploading a few different crash files if it lets me along with my dxdiag output.

Thanks! (14.6 KB) (445.2 KB)

One more crash from this morning. (595.5 KB)

Adding one more: (861.0 KB)

Just bought today, it was fun till crashes 3 times whenever I try to play.
can someone reply me via ? its really annoying. about to done with this game. even if started today ffs.

Hi bpcanavar, I’m sorry you’re experiencing these crashes. We are working to improve stability but some people are still having issues. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to crashes like this. We can’t initiate a support email like that unfortunately. If you contact us through our support page, we can help directly.

Some quick things you can try to improve stability are:

  • Play in full screen instead of windowed mode
  • Enable streaming mode in the settings
  • Turn down the graphics settings

Generic advice that you have probably already done:

  • Update your drivers

There is also a log file that is created that might have some information about the crash that would help diagnose the cause. Instructions for that can be found here:

Also if you could post your cpu, gpu and ram, that would help us advise on how to proceed.

Thanks for those logs bashismashi, it’s really helpful to get that info. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to fix from that info. You can try some of the steps in the reply above if you’d like. We have some fixes coming down the pipe that should help with this situation. They unfortunately won’t be available until patch 0.7.8.

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