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Several bugs were discovered pretty quickly

  1. As the players have already written in several topics, I have an incorrect display of the game at the start. Those. The resolution is in my settings, the working one is 1980x1200, but the picture in the game itself is blurred and it is clear that the actual resolution is less. If you go into the options and change the screen mode, for example, to Window and then return to the one I play (Exclusive full screen) or vice versa (no difference), everything becomes clear and corresponds to the selected resolution.
  2. The screenshot below shows that the circumference of the Fiery Shield half falls through the object in this case through the inclined surface of the earth. And accordingly it is not displayed. The same happens for example with boxes, stones and barrels. If you run up close to them, then until the shield broke them you can see that the circle runs along the ground, but under barrels and other objects on the ground.

    And another screenshot of the interaction of the Fire Shield zone with objects.
  3. The screenshot below shows that in this location location, the texture of the cut of the rocks is unnaturally stretched vertically.
  4. Doors on the location (highlighted in the screenshot below) are passed through the character through, as if there are none. Moreover, if you turn on the Fire Shield, it breaks them.
  5. A lot of loot began to meet, which after the death of opponents falling out falls through the floor, so that it cannot be reached.
  6. The sound of the broken jugs sounds exactly the same as the breaking of wooden boxes. One gets the feeling that the jugs of wood: (

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