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Set and legendary item modifications and max skill level

Don’t know for the others - but specially the set equipment is quite hard to find - and when you do manage to find it - it is nearly useless late game. I would like to see an option for modifying it - adding prefix and suffix to it (maybe reduced ammout).

Same works for legendary equipment - if falls off a bit in late game (well not all pieces, but still) - Would be interesting to see an option to either “strengthen” the current options or add new ones - will be quite interesting and demanding, considering how rare the items are and how easily we can just break them anyway.

Also - capped skill levels of 20 seems a bit low, considering our max level is 100… would love to see something like overleveling of skills/char - like at 1% of the rate - will give a lot more endgame stuff to grind and work on - at the current moment it is a bit too easy to level the skill 0-20 when you hit lvl 80+ and you have few options to grind for…

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Devs already stated if i remember correctly, they don’t wanna make uniques and sets “better” than usal gear, they should fill niche or situational playstyles. They are some uniques which don’t scale very well into late game and i thinks thats intended.

I do hope for some uniques avaialble in different levlel ranges too or at least uniques for a certain playstyle to have multiple variations(some of higher Level).

Regarding skill/Player Level.

I disagree with lvl 20 skill level is too low. I REALLY like System where you have to make difficult decisions and choose which nodes you wanna take and which not. This makes every skill Point matter more, especially because a skill ahs several dozens of different nodes, those 20 skill Points you can spend really make you thinks twice.

On Player Level: Reaching Level 100 already takes quite some time and not all endgame system are in place right now. But generally i don’t think some endlessleveling/progression System would hurt the game, Maybe not just yet.(IF devs introduce something like that it should be meaningfull and no stuff like X% more dmg)


Yeah I agree that the decisions making is nice and it makes each point matters… But I do feel like having the OP feel of adding extras too - Like option when reaching lvl 100 to progress, ascend or something - giving you options for extra skill points and char levels… Like for example at the cost of not competing lvl 100 and lower lvl chars when (and if) pvp is introduced.

This will leave us with easy 2 options:

  1. You make hard decision build chars and opt for pvp or 100lvl end builds and arena.
  2. You enter endless lvl OP-fun system becoming way stronger but either pve or face such people and enter different ladder.

Giving this shouldn’t be too hard and it will allow 2 types of people to enjoy the game - or even more - 1 player to enjoy both styles of the game… without that much effort to add quite different options. If anyone remembers both D2 and D2: ES with good - you will understand how a small change can make pretty much a completely different play style.

Most of the implemented sets/uniques were intended to be early level sets/uniques and the devs have committed to releasing more late game ones now that the majority of the early game is fleshed out. We’re also missing quite a bit of endgame systems like Eternity Chache and Lost Memories so those being introduced should alleviate a lot of itemization concerns.

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