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Serpent Strike node idea!

So I love The idea of Serpent Strike but I would like more versatile weapon options. My idea would be extended a node off the dodge node or crit node allowing players to use 1H and equip a shield currently, to be removed once dual wielding is added (and restrict shields at that point). Off the 1 handed major node another idea would be to add minor node to Serpent Strike into a sweep animation instead of its currently formed line animation.


I think it’s cool to have a polearm-only skill.
Also, it would be cool if Primalist had one more melee spammable, which can be spec’d for poison/bleed.
Serpent strike is the highest melee dps for Primalist so far. The limited weapon choice is it’s only downside. With removal of this limit, they’ll have to nerf SS to bring it in line with other spammables.

i agree its a really good skill primalist best attack by far currently we dont know how flanking strike will be until tree is added. but i just wanna open it to 1H for duel wield for once its implemented which will still keep its identity to the class by making is a small tree tied to the skill its not changing the baseline polearm requirement which keeps the skill unique. i just wanna open it to a different build options which would really add depth to primalist and open dodge builds up more in the future . im agaisnt nerfing it because of variety. i feel the other skills should be brought up to SS standard cause i consider it to be balanced. because melee is dependent on weapon you use by making it a 1H you actively Nerf yourself to open up safer build options for shields or a 2nd one hand which may or may not be less dmg later. So i feel it wouldnt take away from polearm SS too much but create new potentials