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Sentinel - Sigils of Hope Skill - Doesn't seem to grant 25% health regen

In testing granted approx. 12% health regen per point (although not sure if my math is correct).

Health regen went from 29 to 32 (1 sigil), 36 (2 sigils), 39 (3 sigils).

If you have other % increased health regen modifiers, then another 25% won’t increase your final health regen by 25%.
Try taking all of your health regen gear off and see what happens if you then use your Sigils.

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That’s a good point. But I tried this and got the same results… Also tried removing my skills in case they were giving me health regen and same thing.

While checking this I also noticed that the Invigorate node should be giving me an extra +12% health regen on top of the 25%. I’m wondering if perhaps this node could have reset the health regen to 12% rather than adding an extra +12%?

I’ll give the nodes a look when I get some time and see if there is indeed a bug.

Invigorate grants increased healing effectiveness, which increases how much health is granted by your healing skills (such as Eterra’s Blessing on the Primalist). It doesn’t affect how much health regen you have.

I tested Sigils of Hope and I received 25% increased health regen for each Sigil I had active, so this is working as intended as far as I can see.


I double-checked this and appears to be working as intended. If you see abnormal behaviour still by doing the same as Hacka above, just provide a screenshot or screenshots and we’ll take a deeper look!

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