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Sentinel / Sigils Of Hope - Ring Of Shields

Hi there,
Just noticed that the effects of Sigils Of Hope (increased health regen, +armor (Iron Sigils) and +fire/void protection (Soliloquy) do not apply when I cast Sigils Of Hope while Ring of Shields is active. The Sigil is shown and orbiting my Sentinel, but the effects are not shown on the stats screen. Whenever I cast SOH without active ROS I can see the effects apply on the stats screen.

The Sigil also does not seem to increase the health regen of my Manifested Armor (when cast on him with Inspire Hope). Don’t know if it is a bug or is intended not to work with the MA. But the MA counts as an ally for many other skills so I’d expect the Sigil should work here, too.

Edit: I have to apologize. The issue with Ring Of Shields was, that I accidently have cast the Sigil on one of my shields instead of me. Everything is working if I cast it on myself.

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