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Sentinel - Shield Throw projectile disappears


Right after the nomad camp in the divine era, there’s a large patch of dark ice (deep blue).
Attacking with shield throw while standing inside this patch of ice seems to prevent the projectile from firing (cooldown begins right away).
Attacking from outside the ice (say, from the snow) allows to throw the shield over the ice, though.


Is it a different place to this?

If you could do a pic of the area with the minimap up, that would be awesome.

Imgur is your friend if you don’t know how to upload it.

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I can upload a screen shot, but it is indeed the very same area.
Projectiles fired from inside seem to vanish, while projectiles fired from the outside can cross.
I’ll try to get a ricochet off, and report back.

EDIT: I tested it again, and projectiles fired at monsters vanish too. I’ll try to capture it.
Firing at point blank does hit.
Upload in progress, will link in ~15min