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Sentinel (Paladin) General game feed back

I feel the game is almost a full release and only needs some minor tweaking and some performance improvements and you guys have created a great ARPG.

So I created a Sentinel this patch. I was aiming more for the sword and shield build. During this character development I have a few points I believe should be looked at.

Finding the right Pally build was a bit tough to do for many reasons I’ll bullet point these.

  1. Pally has very limited resource reduction nodes on any of the skills. This forces you to use Vengeance or Rive 0 cost skills in every setup.

  2. Holy Aura, Smite, Judgement need their brightness toned down just a tad. Holy Aura prevents the map arrow from being seen if you have it opened.

  3. Guessing this is due to the previous patch and Void Knight that Sigils of hope were nerfed. Need to slightly increase Last wish up to maybe 15%. If the games mob density goes up I can see 6% working but as of now it needs to be bumped up.

  4. Judgement, its damage out put really is bad and depending how you spec the trade offs are ridiculous. If I go for the smite cast why am I then forced to drop the best part of the skill (concentrated ground damage and the heal) while also getting nailed on the mana cost of smite still. If I decide to go damage I must give up the heal aspect which to me is the core of the skill. All this for pretty shit damage output. Need to improve the tips for Righteous Decree to explain what each point does (How many smite cast increases per point). Holy Eruption seems pretty useless I tried it in many ways the time it takes to go off is to long.

  5. Healing from skills vs ward, leech, regen this should be the defining part of a pally. The sustain through skills that do damage and heal should be the build path but for the life of me I found the healing with decent damage balancing almost impossible. In the end I ended up going with the idol ward on hit. Late game life per hit Ref my build at end.

  6. Ignite chance and damage needs to be shown of the character sheet. So many places on the Pally tree I feel it is really easy to over cap on ignite chance.

  7. Character sheet needs lines for all damage types with damage and chance. As well as skill damage should show so I can tell which skills are benefiting and which are not. Makes hybrid damage builds easy to figure out.

  8. Some of the damage types are a bit confusing for instance melee fire damage, fire damage, spell fire damage, ignite, and adaptive spell damage. Do these work in conjunction with each other or they all independent of each other?

  9. Shield Rush blows right through some walls on certain maps no collision.

My pally build is pretty godly right now if my computer mixed with game performance was better I would push this build further.

Paladin Vengenace A/S build.

Smite, 1/1 Descend, 5/5 Righteous flurry, 5/5 Righteous fury, 5/5 Sacrifice, 2/3 conviction.

Judgement, 4/4 sacred sword, 3/3 Austerity, 4/4 Righteous Decree, 5/5 Proclamation, 3/4 purifying flame.

Holy Aura, 5/5 Call to Arms, 4/4 Fanatacim, 3/5 Shelter from Storm, 1/1 Demoralizing Aura, 4/4 Mighty Shield, 3/3 Against the Odds.

Sigil of Hope, 2/5 Iron sigils, 4/5 Enduring Hope, 1/1 Tetragram, 3/3 Sign of the Guardian. 1/1 Last Wish, 1/1 Fervor, 2/4 Renewed Hope.

Vengeance, 8/8 Rapid Strikes, 1/1 Zealot Technique, 1/1 Blade Paladin 2/6 Executioner.

Gear: Max block I’m using Eye of Reen can craft probably better Katana. Max movement speed on boots. Get high resist gear.
Only 3 places on gear to get attack speed weapon, Ammy, gloves cap all 3.

Shield Throw can also be made 0 cost very easily.

Ignite (& the other ailments) can’t be overcapped, >100% chance gives multiple stacks per hit. 200% = 2 stacks per hit. More stacks = more damage.

Yes, we need a comprehensive skill sheet like PoE has, since there can be a lot going on with a skills.

Yes & no. Melee/Spell/Throwing Attack/Minion are how you deal damage. Melee fire damage only affects melee skills, spell fire damage only affects spells, but they’re both fire so are affected by % increase fire damage, % increased elemental damage & %increased general damage affixes/passives/etc. Ignite is a damage over time & is applied by anything that hits if you have a % chance to ignite, some skills/passive give you a conditional ignite chance (eg, chance to ignite on melee hit) that is not shown on the character sheet (since that only shows global ignite chance).


I forgot to mention, with a certain idol, Shield Throw can also proc Smite (for free). :slight_smile:

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