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Sentinel Idols with Acolyte suffixes

Hi, I was arranging my sentinel stash and I saw this suffixes that caught my attention.
They look more Acolyte suffixes than sentinel.
I’m sorry, I cannot tell if I picked them up after the patch or were on my stash since I’ve been doing a lot of Idols movements with the new stash.

Adorned Idol

Huge Idol

Thanks, we’ve found the cause of this and will have a fix soon. Unfortunately, existing Idols won’t be fixed.

This one was fixed in 0.7.8b.

"Fixed a bug where the Sentinel’s Void Damage Over Time Idol affix had been accidentally deleted.

This will not fix existing idols, where it has unfortunately been replaced by the Acolyte’s new +1 skeleton affix, which is less than useful for Sentinels."

Great job!!!

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