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Sentinel Builds - Judgment/smite (Paladin)

Hello, I wanted to ask if there are any Judgement builds out there. I searched google and it seems a judgement build does not even exist.

I was wanting to explore building a judgement build because I am starting to give up on my smite void knight which can’t really push past wave 185 no matter what I do, and there is a paladin higher than me at 205 running a judgment/smite build (Montu) but I have no idea how he builds it or what direction to go. I’ve been playing around with judgement in bad gear trying to figure out how to build it, and even in wrong gear it seems to hit really hard, but it has a huge mana cost.

Also the idols for judgement give crit multiplier, yet I don’t know how do I get crit chance because there is none in any of the sentinel trees? There is SO MUCH crit multi available from the judgement and the idols but nowhere to find crit chance.

Please help.

I think the part of the wave difference is due to level and/or lucky arena wave spawns since it so few.
If you really want to wave push you want the boardman21 forge guard build as that is no 2 on the ladder.

Unfortunately I did not clear wave 205 with judgement and smite. I respcd to judgement/smite to try it out and haven’t pushed with it yet. I think it only updated my arena skill selection on the ladder because I did about 50 waves to level my new skills and fool around with different skill nodes.

I don’t think with the high health cost of casting a powerful smite it will push very high though. At higher waves the damage you self inflict, plus what mobs deal won’t be mitigated with healing imo. I’m still going to try once I get the character set up the way I want and geared right. Probably not until this weekend.