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Sentinel / Axe Mastery node issue

It appears that with the Axe Mastery node (x% chance to throw an axe on hit) doesn’t seem to proc when hitting the training dummy in the Council Chambers. I’ve got a 32% chance (lvl 4 Axe Mastery) & it’s not throwing the axe while spinning round the dummy, or while hitting it with Vengeance.

Additionally, it appears that when an axe is thrown while hitting mobs the axe is thrown in the direction of the mouse cursor which is ok for all skills except Warpath. With Warpath you’re as likely to be spinning round something than spinning into a mob, more so if it’s a boss or champion & then the axe will always miss.

Edit: But the bees from the Keeper’s Gloves will proc on hit on the training dummy.

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