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Selecting character animations look unnatural. Poor sentinel!

Just started the game and while selecting the characters their movement felt… Unnatural to me.
I couldn’t pinpoint why so I started selecting different character again and again and again until I noticed it: It was the animations.
The walking animations of the sentinel and mage specially. The sentinel has a strange (small) twist on it’s left leg, and both the mage and him walk a little like penguins. I can’t say yet if the steps are too small, or if it’s the timing or angle of the legs but they seem… swaying from side to side as they walk? Take a look at their walking cycle please!

Also, the primalist seem to have an invisible stick between his legs, keeping them super rigid and apart from each other. Take a look at his arms. Look at the shoulders, or more accurately his armpits. It’s clear the animation twist his arms too much and the model maybe should have a different skeleton?

The acolyte seems awesome however! Love her animation. Would like a little more expression or energy, but making her float? awesome!

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Pretty sure animation improvements are on the way.

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The character selection screen might be one of the less polished parts of the game right now. Could definitely use some improvement in terms of more detailed character model, higher resolution, animations and style.

Surely this is on the list, but also on one of the last pages :wink:


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