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Screenshots of the Graphical Upgrades Coming in Patch 0.7.2


We’re 12 hours away from Patch 0.7.2 being released - what better way to celebrate, than with 12 screenshots? These images were chosen to provide a variety of different landscapes and zoom levels. We’re super excited to share Patch 0.7.2 and the patch notes with you tomorrow!
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Anyone spot the Chronowyrm hiding in one of those images? :slight_smile:

Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.2

Release now pl0x xD


One word.


Excuse me… are those STAVES I spy in some of these screenshots???

Looks great, btw~


'fraid not - while they’re coming, they won’t be in 0.7.2.

The Acolyte be a harvester of bones, mon.


Ahhhh, I thought that’s what it might be. I wouldn’t know how Acolytes hold 2h axes as I’ve only used 2h swords on them, ehehehehe~


Wow, it’s like a completely new game! Absolutely gorgeous!


Wow… this looks good


Substantial improvement.


Very nice


Looks VERY good! Will this affect performance either positively or negatively? Just a little worried because performance is already a bit of an issue.


Performance definitely seems better after the patch.


There is definitely a huge improvement, but there is something that really makes it “unreal” / “unlikely”: there is no shadow on my character, nor the npc.
At best there is very light shadow when I’m close to a light source, but most of the time none. My character seems to float on the floor. That’s a shame given that everything else looks great…

For the record, I play with ultra settings, everything on max quality, it runs perfectly smooth, except for the character shadow…