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Screens havent preview


Hey, Sarno said i can post this problem here, so the issue is my screenshots uploaded havent a preview on forum. I use as many ppl here and like no one has such problem with preview afaik. I tried hyperlink and upload ofc but it always shows as link.



Could you please post an example?

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Just look at any of my threads, f.e. this Unique items suggestion thread


You’re linking to a page the image is on. You need to use the image’s own URL.

  • Firefox
    • Right-click on the image, select ‘Copy Link Location’.
  • Chrome / Chromium / Vivaldi / Opera
    • Right-click on the image, select ‘Copy link address’.
  • Edge
    • Right-click on the image, select ‘Copy link’.
  • Brave
    • Right-click on the image, select ‘Copy image address’.


Lmao that is exactly thing i couldnt google, blame my poor english. Thanks a lot, man, i’ll fix my posts asap!

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