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Screen filters

I thought it would be nice to add some kind of visual filters one day.
Some games have that like Black Desert and Revalation Online. It can make game look completely different, and maybe some players will want to keep playing the game just because of that.
It may sound kinda pointless, but i am sure some players would be happy to see that in LE.

I have no idea how hard it is to put such feature ingame, so if it takes too much time and effort then i say don’t even bother for now.

Could you post an example?

This can be achieved yourself by using something like reshade. I don’t think anything like this should be a development priority, to be honest.

It’s called photo filter in Black Desert. There are vibrant, warm, old style, etc…
I cant find any video i might record it myself and upload it.
I found example, its called NVIDIA Freestyle and here is the example:

And i realize something like this takes low priority, but since there was a talk about colorblind mode on recent stream. i thought i might throw this out.

Bump !

Honestly, its a nice to have feature and not a need to have feature and in my honest opinion it shouldn’t even be considered as possible feature request at the moment. The game has many other pressing issues at the moment that need to be addressed before we get to this tier of niceness in a game.

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