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Scorpion's Ice Thorn node still not working?

I just came back to test this game. I tried Scorpion’s Ice thorn again and I still don’t think it’s working.

My Ice Thorn has Thorn Shield but the Scorpion definitely isn’t casting it before releasing. The overall damage of Ice Thorn is very low. I don’t think my skill points is affecting my Scorpion.

The idea of casting Ice Thorn is neat but I just think it’s poorly designed. Why?

  1. 5s cool-down is way too long IMO. If it has 5s cool-down, then please allow Scorpion to cast it several times (perhaps a new skill node to increase casting?)
  2. The range of Ice thorn is too short. Many times Scorpion would start the fight with Ice Thorn far away and it hits NOTHING and it doesn’t get to use it again until 5s later.

The best way to utilize Ice Thorn is to allow Bramble node to work with Scorpion so it can retaliate with Ice Thorn. Scorpion is at least a very good tank.

I am also using One Pet only passive and my Scorpion’s Ice Thorn is only doing like 12 damage. It’s just very low damage. Can you double check to see if One-Pet only passive is increasing Scorpion’s spell damage?

Thanks, you’re right that it isn’t currently using Ice Thorns’ skill tree. I’ll mention the other points to the team as well.

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